• 30 Nov

    An in-depth look at 4 myths about all-inclusive packages

    You’ve likely been hesitant about the idea of booking an all-inclusive hotel. We’ve gone into depth analysing the pros and cons for all-inclusive holidays, as well as 4 of the most common myths about them.

    1st Myth: All-inclusive ties you down to the hotel

    Reserving an all inclusive package doesn’t always mean you have to enjoy its advantages only in your hotel. Have a look at the deals, since there are establishments which also include services outside the hotel. They can give you a number of advantages that you may not have thought about. For example, Pabisa hotels on Playa de Palma, in their All Inclusive Plus Package offer you great discounts at Nova Beach Park, a place where you can enjoy wonderful sunsets and great cuisine right on the beach front.

    2nd Myth: All-inclusive ends up meaning holidays are just the beach and pool

    Only if that's what you want. Playa de Palma offers numerous possibilities if what you’re looking for are active holidays. From mini-golf to water sports, cycling and day trips to the nearby capital of the island, Palma. There is so much available that you’re literally guaranteed to never get bored on your holidays. Some of these activities, such as minigolf or visiting the Palma Aquarium, are free for the guests as a part of the all-inclusive package for Pabisa hotels.

    3rd Myth: All-you-can-eat buffets aren’t worth it

    A buffet gives you the advantage of choosing what you want to eat: a fresh salad with the dressing of your choice, meat or fish. You can finish off with a deliciously sweet dessert or be careful about calories and enjoy a plate full of fresh fruit. Some tortillas and cuts of meat are prepared right in front of the guest’s eyes and they go directly into from the frying pan onto your plate. Do you really think that isn’t worth it?

    4th Myth: All-inclusive vacations are considered to a bit mediocre

    If you think so you may not have chosen the right hotel. All-inclusive can be one of the best ways to take care of guests. There are a lot of reasons to choose an all-inclusive hotel package: imagine lying down next to the pool and feeling like a cocktail. Isn’t it great to just be served and not have to worry about your holiday budget.