Cyclist-friendly hotels in Mallorca

The cycling hotels in Mallorca of the Pabisa Hotel Group provide excellent services for bicycle-loving holidaymakers in Mallorca.

The Pabisa hotels are characterized by their outstanding service, and offer specialised cycling hotels in Mallorca. The Pabisa hotels are the perfect starting point for [cycling tours in Mallorca] (rutas ""), in particular due to the privileged location of the cycling hotels at the Playa de Palma in Mallorca. Each Pabisa cycling hotel in Mallorca provides comfortable facilities for a perfect cycling holiday: fitness room, specific menu for cyclists, a cycling centre with bicycle garage and facilities for the maintenance and repair of your bike.

And, last but not least, thanks to the mild climate of the island, with an average of 300 days or 2.983 hours of sunshine a year, our cyclist-friendly hotels in Mallorca can guarantee you a wonderful, sunny holiday the whole year through.

The Pabisa hotels in Mallorca are specifically oriented towards cycling tourists. The Pabisa Bali Hotel**** features a new 500 m2 cycling station for 290 bicycles. The Pabisa Chico Hotel**** provides space for 80 bicycles and the Pabisa Orlando Hotel***+ offers space for 90 bikes.