Pabisa Hotels in Playa de Palma, Mallorca.

Official Website of Pabisa Hotels.

Pabisa Hotels is a hotel chain which currently owns 4 hotels and has 2 new hotels under construction, all of these located in Playa de Palma.

The hotels are: the Pabisa Bali 4****, Pabisa Chico 4****, Pabisa Sofía 3***Sup, and the Apartamentos Pabisa Orlando 3***Sup. The chain has two new projects underway, one a 4****Superior and the other 5***** which will both be fully operational by 2020. 

Special offers

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June with a 20% discount!

  • Hotel Pabisa Bali **** Playa de Palma
  • Special offer valid until: 26/06/2019

From: 54.40 EUR


Special discount in May in Pabisa SOFIA!

  • Hotel Pabisa Sofia ***Sup Playa de Palma
  • Special offer valid until: 28/05/2019

From: 35.70 EUR


Special Offer: April in Pabisa CHICO!

  • Hotel Pabisa Chico **** Playa de Palma
  • Special offer valid until: 24/04/2019

From: 35.45 EUR