ISO 9001:2015

Hotel Pabisa Bali, Hotel Pabisa Chico and the Pabisa Orlando Apartments, all forming part of the Pabisa Hotels chain, have been awarded the quality distinction ISO 9001:2008. These certificates have been awarded by TÜV Rheinland. During 2017, the establishments previously mentioned will update the certificate to the ISO 9001:2015.

Hotel Pabisa Sofía is currently undertaking the procedure that will allow it to obtain the ISO 9001:2015 certificate this year.

The ISO 9001:2015 certificate establishes the requirements that a quality management system must comply with. The quality management system is based upon continuous improvement, planning and the execution of actions and processes that are periodically verified and subjected to analysis to enable future decisions to be made and modifications put into place in order to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

The Quality Control system is applied to the following hotel services:

  • Reception

  • Food and Beverages (Bar, restaurant and kitchen)

  • Supplies and storage

  • Housekeeping and room maintenance

  • Maintenance of facilities

  • Human resources

Obtaining this recognition falls within the company strategy that has as one of our main objectives the creation of standards of quality that guarantee excellent service throughout our establishments.

Commitments of the Quality Control System:

  • Fulfil all our Customer requests.

  • Attend to our clients with in a professional and courteous manner, analysing their expectations and striving to achieve them.

  • Guarantee our clients’ comfort and safety in our facilities.

  • Encourage continuous development of our Quality Control System.

  • Provide the human, technical and material resources for our objectives to be met.

  • Strive to ensure our policy is known and applied efficiently by all members of staff.

  • Ensure all decisions made by the executive team are ethical, and ensure safe and sanitary work conditions for our employees.

  • Promote the development of Human Resources and generate and good working environment.

  • Establish yearly objectives, and a periodical follow-up of our quality indicators. Continuous training of the work force to improve competitiveness, keep up to date, as well as comply with local regulations.

  • Satisfy our clients as well as our shareholders.

  • Encourage that our suppliers adapt to the established quality criteria.

  • The Quality Policy is communicated throughout and understood within the organisation and is revised periodically to ensure continuous adaptation.

  • Paying attention to the risks, opportunities and changes that occur within the business context and adapting to market requirements.

  • Train and equip the whole team in order to be aware of and ensure efficiency at work.

  • Promote communication and awareness amongst all the employees and collaborators of the organisation, achieving a high level of involvement and teamwork.

  • Insist on quality from collaborators and suppliers.

  • Ensure compliance of the ISO 9001:2015 regulation and all current legislation.

Fdo. CEO Pabisa Hotels.