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10 tips for your cycling holidays in Mallorca this autumn

10 tips for your cycling holidays in Mallorca this autumn

Summer has come to an end, but that’s not bad news. Now comes autumn and, with it, an excellent time of the year for cycling in Mallorca.

Temperatures get cooler and there are more chances of occasional showers that may surprise us on our way. In this post we will list a few tips so that everything on your autumn bike holidays in Mallorca will go as expected:

1) Check your bike. When the weather is rainy or there’s a high humidity rate, it is a matter of utmost importance to check the tire pressure and the state of your bike’s brakes.

2) Remember to choose appropriate clothing that will reduce the effects of rain and cold.

3) In autumn days get shorter, so be sure to make yourself seen in low visibility conditions, using lights and reflectant materials.

4) Pay more attention on the road and, above all, don’t take anything for granted, especially in adverse weather conditions.

5) During days of heavy rains or strong winds, it might be better to postpone your cycling trip until the conditions improve. Do not expose yourself to unnecessary risks.

6) Check the driving and traffic regulations of the destination you visit.

7) Never start your route without carrying your personal documents.

8) Whenever possible, cycle with a partner or a group. If this is not possible, inform your relatives or friends about the route you’re going to take, or give this information to your hotel reception staff.

9) Bring your phone fully charged, and carry the contact numbers of relatives or friends as well as the emergency number (112) written down.

10) Live the moment and enjoy what you are doing to the fullest.

That being said, we wish to remind you that our island’s weather is usually the perfect ally for a road bike holiday in Mallorca. Come this fall and enjoy cycling in Mallorca, staying at our sports hotel. Here you will find everything you need for an unforgettable experience.

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