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4 reasons you should book your holiday to Mallorca in advance

4 reasons you should book your holiday to Mallorca in advance

Mallorca is magical, Mallorca draws attention. Millions of visitors from all over the world will head to the island in 2018 to enjoy their dream holiday. As is normal, everything that’s in high demand sells out quickly. Do you want a holiday based on what others have left available or do you want your holiday to be the one you want? The individuals with the most foresight have already guaranteed their holiday to Mallorca. We’ll tell you why.

The offering in Mallorca is limited

In Mallorca there are around 300,000 hotel beds. That seems like a lot, but especially in summer, the offering is not enough, since summer holidays in Mallorca are featured on many people’s calendars worldwide. Mallorca is a two hour flight from the main European cities. When you get to the island, you’re directly on a sunny beach and what’s more, you’ll find the sea and the mountains very close to each other. You can choose between partying or peace and calm, or you can enjoy both international city life and traditional culture at the same time. Playa de Palma is particularly popular: kilometres of beach, summer parties and the island’s capital just a few kilometres away.

The discounts for booking in advance in Mallorca only last for a few weeks

Until when can I still get a discount for booking my holiday to Mallorca in advance? Not for much longer, so hurry. As a rule of thumb, the most highly coveted deals can only be found in the winter months and at the end of the year. The season for Playa de Palma starts early, which is due to the fact that the place isn’t just a great starting point for summer vacations. Athletes from all over the world also use Playa de Palma as a base, staying there to train and taking part in the numerous international sports events which are held in Mallorca. Our four Pabisa hotels are located right on Playa de Palma, find out about our advance booking discounts.

Those who book early, save money

People who opt for a summer in Mallorca and who book in advance pay less for their holidays. In addition to their stay at the hotel, flights booked in advance are usually a lot cheaper. Obviously, it is a relief for your holiday budget to have money available for going shopping while on holiday, going on day trips and other leisure activities. Furthermore, if you’re thinking of an all-inclusive package, here you’ll find 7 convincing reasons for making such a choice.

If you’re good at planning ahead, Mallorca is a great choice.

Mallorca, decided. However, you’ve also got some other preferences regarding your summer holiday in order for it to be perfect. Do you want a hotel in a specific place on the island? Are you a regular guest with a favourite room? People who book in advance guarantee the holiday they want with time to spare, avoiding having someone else book their favourite room.

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