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The 7 best reasons to choose an all-inclusive holiday in Mallorca

The 7 best reasons to choose an all-inclusive holiday in Mallorca

What advantages does all-inclusive offer and why is it worth choosing a holiday like this in Mallorca? Here we’ll give you our top reasons:

1. Hotel staff looking out for you and your wellbeing

Cooking, laying the table or washing the dishes on holiday? Tidying the bedroom, cleaning the bathroom and making the bed? All-inclusive guarantees you a relaxing holiday with no work involved. This is obviously the main advantage. You deserve it!

2. Feel like a VIP, relax and let them do the work

Sounds good, right? Imagine lying next to the pool and suddenly, a mojito appears next to you. All you’ve got to do is ask one of the waiters and your wish will be granted. How about something to nibble? Make your dreams come true with all-inclusive.

3. If you don’t like a dish, there’s no need to worry about the cash

Let’s be realistic, at a restaurant, not everybody is brave enough to order something they have never tried before. If you don’t like it, it’s a waste of money. This doesn’t happen with all-inclusive – you can try everything you want from the buffet, and if there is something that doesn’t take your fancy, just choose something else.

4. Affordable holidays with no need to watch your food budget

You don’t have to worry about each cocktail making a dent in the holiday budget, and snacks are included at no extra cost, so at the end of the trip, your wallet will thank you.

5. All-inclusive is flexible and gives you the freedom to try new things

Forget about the stress of looking for a restaurant just because you are starting to get peckish. You can hold onto your full holiday budget for any additional personal expenses, such as a day trip or going to a restaurant that you have been recommended.

6. Relaxation and good humour for all at your disposal

Playa de Palma all-inclusive is the perfect choice when travelling with friends. If anybody is thirsty or fancies an ice cream, there’s no reason for the group to have to split up or decide where to go. You can enjoy snacks and drinks between meal times.

7. Interesting leisure activities in Playa de Palma with all-inclusive

Pabisa Hotels are located in Playa de Palma, offering fantastic All Inclusive Plus pack, with lots of additional services at this beach: from sports, fun, parties, adventure, excitement…to a feeling of exclusivity on the beach front. Your all-inclusive holidays will, without a doubt, pay-off.

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