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Beach, sports and shopping: 3 types of tourists and one day of holidays in Playa de Palma

Beach, sports and shopping: 3 types of tourists and one day of holidays in Playa de Palma

Going on holidays with your best friends can quickly become problematic when you try to combine 3 different sets of plans and agree on how to spend your free time. Marianne and Tina want to have fun shopping, Emma dreams with basking in the sun on the beach, whereas Peter and Max want to spend their holidays improving their physical condition.

Playa de Palma is synonymous with holidays for all tastes

Which destination can you pick when everyone has a different idea of how to spend a holiday? The answer cannot be simpler: a group holiday on the island of Mallorca, specifically, in Playa de Palma, known among Mallorcans as Platja de Palma.

Sun, beach, all-inclusive

Conditions are perfect: a simple 2-hour trip; a lot of sun; sea and mountains. Tourists find in Playa de Palma everything their holiday hearts desire. The five friends easily agree that their best option is to enjoy their holidays in one of the four all-inclusive Pabisa hotels in Playa de Palma.

A dreamlike day begins in Playa de Palma

The five friends are presented with an impressive breakfast buffet. Emma lunges towards the fresh fruit, Peter and Max choose muesli and omelette to have energy for their day of sports, and Marianne and Tina carry pastries and fresh bread to the table. They talk excitedly about the plan for the day, because the variety of activities available in Playa de Palma is very broad.

Doing sport, going shopping and relaxing: everything’s possible in Playa de Palma

Option 1. Beach or pool: Emma decides to bury her nose in her book and then go to the hotel pool to wait for her friends with a refreshing cocktail.

Option 2. Shopping and culture: Marianne and Tina take the bus that leaves from the hotel and takes them straight to the centre of Palma. They want to visit the Cathedral, a museum, and are very excited to explore all the fashion shops of the island’s capital.

Option 3. Sports: Max and Peter are already wearing their cycling gear. They are both eager to try their racing bicycles, which are waiting for them in the cycling centre next to the hotel. Today they have planned to pedal around town and then lift weights in the hotel’s fitness room. The five friends already imagine how much fun they will have dining together and telling each other about the experiences they lived throughout the day.

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