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Do you fancy a cocktail? We reveal our guest’s favourites.

Do you fancy a cocktail? We reveal our guest’s favourites.

Why are cocktails so tempting? The secret starts with in the irresistible combination of vitamins, sweet hints of joy and a hearty dose of relaxation. Then, the ingredients to make our piña colada, tequila sunrise or a blue paradise are mixed in. What more could you need for a perfect summer’s day?

Which cocktails are the most popular at our Ballermann hotels?

We have asked our bar staff which cocktail is the most popular at the moment. The result has been quite surprising, given that at our hotels, each bar has its own star cocktail. At the top of the list at Hotel Pabisa Bali are tequila sunrise and piña colada. At Hotel Chico, it’s the coconut cocktail alongside a tequila sunrise, and at the cocktail bar in Hotel Sofia it is, without a doubt, the mojito. Also, in our Apartahotel Orlando, the most popular cocktails include blue paradise and piña colada.

Cocktail and bar are a good combination

Obviously, you can make your favourite cocktail at home, but how can you mix in that atmosphere that makes it so irresistible? Meeting nice people, bar staff to make your favourite drink, a hotel in the lively Ballermann area located in the magnificent Playa de Palma in Mallorca,…The cocktail bars in our hotels are open to new arrivals, Mallorca locals or guests from all over the world. People with whom you can have a good time sharing a cocktail. Here you can find a list of the most popular cocktails, as well as their ingredients.

The most popular cocktails – Is your favourite on the list?

How many different types of cocktails are there? Hundreds, surely. Often, their names don’t give away much about their ingredients. A Tequila sunrise obviously contains tequila, but with a sunrise cocktail, it is harder to guess what is in the glass.

So, why are cocktails so tempting?

If we take a mojito, for example, we have fresh lime or lemon to give us a good dose of vitamin C, the sugar improves our mood and a splash of rum slowly but surely helps us to relax.

However, there is also a ‘but’, given that the idea of enjoying things in moderation also applies to cocktails. It is better to enjoy them after a delicious meal than on an empty stomach. Did you know that you can enjoy exquisite, international dishes at our hotels in Playa de Palma? Spanish, Italian, Mexican and Asian dishes, and many more, at just a few steps away from the bar where a refreshing cocktail awaits.

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