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Holidays and outdoor sports: all in one

Holidays and outdoor sports: all in one

Surely you’d like to practice sports more often if it didn’t require such an effort, right? A cold gray morning isn’t the best motivation for practicing outdoor sports. It would be completely different under a blue sky and feeling the sunlight on your skin, and and instead of going outside completely covered up from head to toe, you could just wear a shirt and some shorts. Thus, outdoor sports acquire a new dimension in Mallorca.

Swimming in the sea

Imagine an infinite pool with soft sand, some mild waves – and, sometimes, not even that- , but always with an incredible view of the sea. That is what you’ll find in Playa de Palma; about seven kilometers of sandy beach where swimming is never boring. In winter, the water has an average temperature of 15ºC, which is perfect for the brave, and from May, the water’s temperature is a lot more pleasant, reaching 25ºC at times.

Running in Mallorca

And if you don’t feel like swimming, how about a race on the beach? We suggest you try the route from Playa de Palma towards Palma, which traverses beaches, the impressive coastline, small ports and incredible promenades with captivating views. Running in Mallorca is a very popular hobby, which means you’ll always come across other runners on the way, be it a 1km route or a 12km one, like the one that goes all the way to Palma. The path is perfect for all levels.

More outdoor sports

Not sold on running or swimming? No problem! How about practicing a sport under the clear blue sky? Next to the hotel’s pool or on the beach itself you can let your imagination fly: both the sunbed and the beach wall are ideal places on which to practice a wide variety of arm exercises; sand is perfect for strengthening your abdomen, legs and glutes with runs and squats; and, of course, training on the beach is an ideal way to meet new people.

Bike training in Mallorca

For professionals it’s an obligation and for amateur cyclists, an unforgettable experience. In Mallorca you can ride your bike all year round. Plus, it offers unbeatable weather conditions, magnificent landscapes and a wide variety of routes. You can meet many international cyclists near your itinerary. And you can even leave your bike at home because our hotels in Playa de Palma offer cyclists everything they need.

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