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Horse riding in Mallorca: sports and nature in one

Horse riding in Mallorca: sports and nature in one

Horse riding in Mallorca is the perfect activity to enjoy its beautiful landscapes while practicing some sport.

The horse riding centers on the island organize horse riding tours for all levels at different times so that anyone can enjoy the experience and ride a horse in Mallorca.

In addition to the tours, they also offer the possibility of taking classes, from the most basic levels to professional advanced classes. Horse riding lovers can also find classic, Spanish and cowboy dressage classes.

And since we’re on an island, riding a horse on the beach in Mallorca is a must for your trip. There are several initiatives on the island that allow you to enjoy this practice and organize tours for those who want to try it. Their tours adapt to all levels, so all you have to worry about is enjoying the stroll, the sand and the lovely views of the sea.

Furthermore, although it may seem like “just sitting”, riding is actually a very complete sport with numerous benefits for those who practice it: it helps tone up most of the body, burns about 500 calories per hour, and, given that it’s a cardiovascular exercise, it helps strengthen the heart. It has even been proved that contact with horses is highly positive on an emotional level, giving rise to a new therapy known as hippotherapy, which can also be practiced on the island.

Pabisa works in collaboration with some companies that offer these types of activities. You’ll ride near Playa de Palma, in the equestrian center of Randa, located 20 km away, or enjoy the natural beauty of Son Serra de Marina coast in the fantastic Rancho Grande.

This experience along with many others can be booked at our hotels in Mallorca. Come to the reception desk and ask our staff, who will be happy to help you.

Book your riding holiday in Mallorca now and enjoy the island in the most natural way.

Photos: ranchograndemallorca.com

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