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Creativity and flavour in Playa de Palma: we serve international cuisine in our Pabisa hotels!

Creativity and flavour in Playa de Palma: we serve international cuisine in our Pabisa hotels!

Whilst on holiday in Mallorca you can discover the entire world. Better still, we´ll give it to you on a plate so that you can enjoy it in maximum comfort. What would you like to try? Perhaps something Arabic, Italian, American, Mexican, Pan-Asian, Chinese? Maybe you’ve already worked out that the one travelling the world will be your taste buds.

The whole world on a plate

Dishes from across the globe are not only appetising but also very much in fashion. You´ve more than likely got yourself into the habit of heading to an Italian restaurant to enjoy your favourite pizza, discovering different exotic spices in a Thai restaurant and tasting flavourful burritos in a Mexican. Arabic cuisine also offers many delights that you just can’t miss.

International cuisine at hotel Pabisa in Playa de Palma

Now, imagine being able to live all of these culinary experiences without having to go to a different restaurant every evening. Wouldn’t it be great to be served these international delights straight from your hotel? Everything prepared by a trusted team of chefs, and served by your favourite waiters and waitresses and in your favourite place? In Pabisa hotels, you can embark on a gastronomic journey numerous times a week, whilst our chefs prepare dishes from all over the world.

Themed restaurants: Red, White and Green welcome an Italian evening.

Mallorca is international; people from across the globe travel to the island, and they all carry a little bit of home with them, in the form of traditional recipes. As the way to the heart is through the stomach and recipes fit in even the smallest of suitcases. Our team of chefs is also international, as well as being exceptionally creative when it comes to planning themed evenings. In our restaurants, you can enjoy the following gastronomic journeys: Spanish buffet with delicious tapas and paella, Italian evening, Italian buffet, Arabic buffet or a tex-mex style buffet. Don’t worry, if you aren’t convinced by any of our international menus, you will always find delicious, alternative buffet options.

Which theme have we planned for this evening?

Each Pabisa hotel offers a different themed evening. You can enjoy carefully decorated dining rooms and seductive aromas that will ensure you enjoy a marvellous culinary adventure. As a rule, these themed evenings take place on the weekends and on alternate days during the rest of the week. Let us surprise you or ask at reception to find out when you can taste a delicious Spanish paella, a creamy Italian risotto or even spicy fajitas.

You can find more information about the diverse food options at our hotels on their respective web pages: Our Hotel Pabisa Bali, with a Spa and Wellness Centre, Pabisa Sofia Hotel and Hotel Pabisa Chico.

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