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On June 23rd, Mallorca celebrates a magical night: Nit de Sant Joan

On June 23rd, Mallorca celebrates a magical night: Nit de Sant Joan

Do you have any special wishes? Do you want them to come true? Will you be in Mallorca on June 23rd? If so, don’t miss the magic of the shortest night of the year!

An unforgettable experience: The summer solstice in Mallorca

There are lots of parties in Mallorca. In fact, every summer night on the beach in Palma there’s some kind of celebration. However, the “Nit de Sant Joan”, or “Night of San Juan”, is the biggest beach festival you can find on the island, with the beach and fire as the protagonists. If you’re thinking of enjoying your holiday in Playa de Palma, you can’t miss this special party – it’s a magical night with thousands of people on the beaches across the island. Playa de Palma has kilometres of sand, and on this night, they turn into a magnificent stage. In Palma, the night of San Juan is quite an experience!

The beach and fire are the protagonists on the magical night of San Juan

The Nit de Sant Joan welcomes the summer, and you’ll find more people on the beaches of Mallorca than on any other day of the year. On this special night, bonfires or “foguerons”, burn all over the place, and friends, families, locals and tourists gather around them. Thousands of candles are also lit along the beach. If you’re in Mallorca next June 23rd, you can’t miss this celebration, because it is sure to be the most unforgettable holiday. Come and celebrate the Nit de Sant Joan! Whatever you’ve planned for that magical night, the best place to organize it is here.

3 symbols that make the Fiesta de San Juan magical

The sacred and the magical join together on a night of the year full of tales and legends. According to tradition, the birth of St. John the Baptist pleased his father so much that he lit a fire to inform his friends and family. The Nit de Sant Joan has three inseparable symbols: fire, water and aromatic herbs…and they all have their magical meaning!

Fire: the purifying element that frees us from bad luck. It is symbolic to burn old memories and anything we want to leave behind in life. That way you can start afresh.

Water: symbolises both cleanliness and fertility. They say that you have to go for a dip bang on midnight, as the water has wonderful properties on the Nat de Sant Joan.

Aromatic herbs: The properties of herbs multiply on this magical night and therefore, it’s best to buy rosemary or thyme from the market, and take it to the beach at night.

And a last superstition for your Nit de Sant Joan in Mallorca…

They say that on the Nit de Sant Joan, anyone who sees mint in bloom will have lots of good luck…as long as you don´t tell anyone!

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