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You don’t need a car to visit the best of Mallorca: bus tours

You don’t need a car to visit the best of Mallorca: bus tours

If you are the type of person who prefers to not have to depend on a car when on vacation, spending money on gasoline, worrying about parking tickets, or even having to stop enjoying an exquisite glass of wine because you have to drive, you should know you can do day-trips in Mallorca without a car. Travel in comfort on the bus, as if you had your own chauffeur.

You’re on vacation!

You’re in the pool with a cocktail in hand and you need to plan the trips you’re going to do in Mallorca. There are many interesting places and choosing amongst them isn’t easy. That’s why there are specialists who have carefully thought about what attractions might interest you and above all, how to provide you with a couple of unforgettable hours. Enjoy your cocktail, choose the tour you like most and start looking forward to it. You’re on vacation!.

The most comfortable trip

In Mallorca you can get where you’re going by bus faster than by car. For example, if you want to visit the paradisiacal Mallorcan beach Es Trenc, the bus is air-conditioned and you’ll avoid the annoyance of having to find one of the few parking spots available.

You want see all of Mallorca in one day? It’s a pleasure to do so by bus, but by car is like an arm workout in the gym. You want to get to know the colourful street markets on the island, go on an adventure trip to the bay of La Calobra or live a completely dreamy experience in the caves? The bus will pick you up right from your Pabisa hotel and take you to your dream destination.

Other alternatives to going by car

There are wonderful bike tours that start at Playa de Palma. Choose one of the easier routes, like the one that heads to Palma, or one of the harder ones, like those that explore the island’s interior. Cycling routes in Mallorca are quite popular. Many tourists avoid bringing their bikes with them on the plane, because they’re cumbersome and it’s expensive. Instead of doing so, they place their trust in Mallorcan bike rental services, which offer comprehensive tour services for the whole island.

Finally, for those who prefer to move around on four legs, Mallorca is a horseback riding paradise.

Discover Palma from above

If you want to discover the most beautiful places on the island in just a few hours, include a tour on the Palma tourist bus as a part of your plans. Go up and down when and where you want, while you discover the city’s main monuments and take amazing photos from the upper deck.

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