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„Party Alarm“ during Season Opening event in Playa de Palma

„Party Alarm“ during Season Opening event in Playa de Palma

From April 25 to 28 the famous beer garden Bierkönig and nightclub Oberbayern in Playa de Palma, Mallorca teamed up to celebrate the traditional Season Opening 2014. After morning rains on Friday, later the 5,000 guests that had travelled to Mallorca especially for this event, were spoiled with lovely summer weather, high spirits and a varied program to keep them entertained. The general anticipation for the new summer season ahead, a big reunion of regular visitors to island and the presence and performances of many well-known artists in these locations in Playa de Palma made for a lively and happy atmosphere and a great party.

There was a huge variety of live performances on all 3 evenings where the singers presented their new songs which hit the spot with the audience and were a great success. All the hustle and bustle around Playa de Palma and the famous “Schinkenstraße” was followed by the German TV channel “Deutsches Musik Fernsehen”. Live shows were recorded, interviews with guests and artists conducted and a great effort was made by the team to capture the atmosphere most authentically. All the material will be screened under the name “Party Alarm” on June 20 and 27, and July 4 and 11 at 8.15 pm.

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