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Playa de Palma’s best all-inclusive hotel

Playa de Palma’s best all-inclusive hotel

2018 has started and it has made quite an entrance with our new web and now you are ready to start planning the perfect holiday. Once you have chosen your destination, Mallorca, you will have to start looking for the perfect hotel. Well, today we will help you out and will give you three reasons why Pabisa Hotels are the best all-inclusive hotels in Playa de Palma.

Currently Pabisa Hotels has five hotels all located at the spectacular Playa de Palma, in Mallorca. Pabisa Bali (4*), Pabisa Bali Park (4* SUP), Pabisa Chico (4*), Pabisa Orlando (3* SUP) and Pabisa Sofia (3* SUP). Even though every hotel has its own special features and has been specially designed to meet your expectations, we have worked very hard to make all our Pabisa Hotels the places to spend your Mallorca dream-holiday at and here’s three reasons why Pabisa Hotels are the best all-inclusive hotels at Playa de Palma.

1. Location:

Playa de Palma is a 6 kilometre long resort going from Can Pastilla to s’Arenal. As its name implies, this is Palma’s beach, being close to the city cathedral, La Seu and not far from the city centre. Playa de Palma is also located near to the airport, making it a perfect spot to stay at when visiting Mallorca. Even though Playa de Palma enjoys a great popularity and people tend to visit, mainly in summer, its size makes it easy to find a spot for you and your family to relax, sunbath and dive into the beautiful turquoise water.

2. All inclusive plus

We are convinced you have heard about all-inclusive hotels all over the world and, of course, at Playa de Palma too. What you haven’t heard of and is definitely worth knowing is our ‘all inclusive plus’ system. Because our guests do not only deserve it all, they deserve it all plus one. The all-inclusive plus program is an exclusive product of Pabisa Hotels in Playa de Palma.

aqualand mallorca all inclusive Pabisa Hotels Arenal mallorca

Pabisa Hotels combines the classic all-inclusive service (food & beverages) with a varied leisure program for children and adults outside of the hotels. This means you will not only get the Premium treatment at our hotel, but also outside, being able to enjoy Bierkönig, Nova Beach Park, Palma Aquarium and Aqualand, the biggest water park in Mallorca.

bierkonig mallorca all inclusive pabisa hotel arenal mallorca

But for 2018 you will not only get free access to those venues, we have improved our all-inclusive program, now also offering daily free entrance to disco Oberbayern, free entrance to Dominogolf (bookings for a minimum stay of 7 nights) and one lunch and one evening meal at La Brasserie (bookings for a minimum stay of 7 nights). Now this is what we call ALL (but really ALL) inclusive!

3. Best value for money

At Pabisa Hotels we have one aim: making the best out of your holidays. When you go on vacation it is crystal clear that you are in need of some rest, relaxation, good food and drinks and just an overall great experience. This is why we offer you the best value for money.

mallorca all inclusive pabisa hotel arenal

Our hotels located in Playa de Palma are specially designed to meet up to your expectations regarding facilities, service and comfort and are still affordable for you and your partner, your friends or your family to enjoy a well-deserved break in the beautiful island of Mallorca. The Pabisa team will make sure to get you everything you need and stay on top of every single detail to make your holiday in Mallorca one to remember.

Book your Mallorca-holiday for 2018 at the best price at: www.pabisa.com, we are looking forward to having you!

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