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Enjoy the Mediterranean with our range of sea-based activities for this summer

Enjoy the Mediterranean with our range of sea-based activities for this summer

Summer in Mallorca is brimming with opportunities, and it’s impossible to be here for a day without doing something. But, to help you get the most out of your holidays on Playa de Palma, we present to you the programme of sea-based activities which we at Pabisa Hotels have asked Club Náutico el Arenal Yacht Club to prepare for you.

Kitesurfing – Give free rein to your spirit of adventure and feel yourself fly over the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. We offer you a number of levels, from a beginner’s course right up to a full 10-hour course, so that you can learn to fly over the sea or so that you can hone your surfing talents.

Paddlesurfing – The “in” watersport on Playa de Palma is paddlesurfing. You won’t want to go home without trying it, right? We offer you a number of choices, from basic instruction for complete beginners to excursions in pairs or groups around the spectacular coves and cliffs of southern Mallorca – including a sunset for the romantically inclined.

Excursions in a sailing boat – Enjoy Mallorca’s most amazing beauty spots on board a sports or family cruiser while learning the basic skills of sailing. This activity is compatible with bathing and snorkelling/paddlesurfing activities.

Sunsets – A sunset from a beach of virgin sand in the Western Mediterranean. You can hardly give yourself a greater treat than this. And, if you want it, you can have it. We head out for Cala Vella (and other available locations) to take a refreshing dip at dusk in a cove with virgin sand before drinking a toast with the best cava (sparkling wine), while enjoying one of Mallorca’s most stunning sunsets.

Introduction to sailing – Feel like Captain Nemo and glide over the Mediterranean at the helm of an 8-metre sports cruiser. This is the ideal choice for lovers of watersports in Mallorca who also want to enjoy a pleasant swim on the most attractive beaches in the south of the island that aren’t accessible by land.

Enquire for more details of these activities in the reception of your sporthotel in Mallorca. We’ll book your chosen activities for you and give you a voucher for your booking, then you’ll have only to pay for it directly at Club Náutico el Arenal Yacht Club. Are you keen to enjoy the Mediterranean in all its splendour?

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