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Travelling light – Cycling holidays in Mallorca

Travelling light – Cycling holidays in Mallorca

Packing your bags with list in hand can be a real nightmare: especially if you are off on a cycling holiday. Anyone who´s prepared a packing list for a cycling trip will be nodding in agreement right now: an endless list, buying things “just in case” and a suitcase that seems to get heavier by the minute. But, it doesn´t have to be that way!

With our cycling service in Mallorca, your dream of travelling light by bike can come true! Here´s how:

Less luggage, more fun by bike!

Imagine enjoying a cycling holiday without having to think about all of the possible eventualities. A cycling trip without long packing lists, saving you time, money and travel worries. Travel light, knowing that your cyclist-friendly hotel in Mallorca offers you everything you need for your cycling holiday: Repairs centre, bike hire, equipment, and even a bike service.

A new adventure every day, but only one hotel

Do you want a cycling holiday full of variety? No problem. In Mallorca you can choose from all sorts of routes which start on your doorstep: routes through the mountains, along the coast or across the island. By bike, every day can be a new experience. Best of all, instead of having to move from stage to stage loaded with heavy suitcases, you´ll start each morning off light and your hotel will be there waiting to welcome you back for a relaxing end to your day in the saddle.

The climate makes packing easy

Mallorca has a moderate and stable climate. You only need to bring minimal sports clothes. During the summer months, it´s more important to carry sun cream than pack clothes for all kinds of weather. You can also save space in your first aid kit as you´ll only need to pack the essentials. In Mallorca you´ll find lots of pharmacies and doctors surgeries right around the corner, if and when you need them. In the local supermarkets you´ll also find protein bars, energy drinks and anything else you might need during the trip.

Get help from local experts when planning your route

There are lots of people on the island that share your hobby; from professional cyclists who train in Mallorca, to amateurs who prefer to spend their holidays on two wheels. In lots of towns you´ll find a cyclist meeting point which is easy to spot thanks to the bikes parked outside. Here people share their experiences, plan routes and even the hungriest of cyclists can fill their bellies. There are also lots of bike shops where you can find spare parts and professional support regardless of the type of repair you need.

Lastly, for those who prefer cycling holidays without having to worry about anything, can hire their bike and equipment in any of the specialist shops on Playa de Palma.

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