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Typical products of Mallorca: Mediterranean flavor and tradition

Typical products of Mallorca: Mediterranean flavor and tradition

Mallorca’s gastronomy is rich and varied. Thanks to the particular soil and weather conditions of the island many of our traditional products offer very specific flavours that have earned them seals in order to certify their origin. Here we present some of the most typical products of Mallorca:


Undoubtedly, the most famous dessert of Mallorca. This spiral-shaped pastry can be eaten alone or stuffed. The ensaimada of Mallorca is a perfect choice for any time of the day, be it for breakfast or as a dessert.


Typical cold meat made from lean pork and paprika, which gives it its characteristic red color. The sobrasada of Mallorca can be consumed in different ways: raw, cooked, in a sandwich or as a condiment for many dishes of Mallorca cuisine.

Wines from Mallorca

Mallorca has a long winemaking tradition and an excellent production of different varieties of grapes that have enabled it to produce some of the most prized wines of Europe. One of the best ways to taste these wines is to join the Mallorca wine routes and visit a winery firsthand.


Mallorca has optimum conditions for growing almond, which favors its production. The Mallorca almond is sweet and very tasty, and is often used as the base for dishes and desserts. Almond trees in bloom are the clear sign that spring has arrived to the island, and a natural spectacle that many come to enjoy and photograph.

Olive oil

Just like with almonds, the olive oil of Mallorca offers a very particular taste that will add a distinctive note to any dish.

Hierbas liqueur

Finally, to finish a good Mallorcan traditional food, there is nothing better than a glass of “hierbas”, a typical anise-based liqueur that contains herbs with digestive properties. The tunnel herbs are the most famous.

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