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What’s the eco-tax and how does it affect your holidays in Mallorca?

The tourist tax in the Balearic Islands, known as the ecotasa (eco-tax) has been levied since 2016. At Pabisa Hotels we’re committed to it with our motto “Your smart holidays” and we offer guests the opportunity to save money with the Pabisa All-Inclusive-Plus package. If you choose this option the eco-tax doesn’t increase the price of your holidays.

What is the Eco-tax?

The eco-tax, also known as the “Tax for Sustainable Tourism” was created in order to finance environmental protection projects and favour sustainable tourism. The eco-tax is not only a “tourist tax”, but is known as such because in other countries that’s name used.

The projects include both the expansion of tourism infrastructure, tourist services and measures which counteract the effects of tourism. For example, this year the money levied will be allocated for the purchase of emblematic estates in the Balearic Islands, such as Finca es Verger, where the castle known as Castell d’Alaró is located.

The Eco-tax is for everyone and exists in other countries

Anyone who stays in a tourist establishment in the Balearic Islands must pay the tax, whether they’re a foreigner or a local. The Balearic Islands also is not the only autonomous community in Spain which has this tax for its tourists, nor is it the only one in Europe or globally.

Under a range of names, from “tasa de estancia” (short-stay tax) to “impuestos turísticos” (tourist tax), tourist taxes have been and continue to be paid by tourists all over the world. Countries employing them include Austria and Italy, and also cities such as Barcelona, Paris and New York.

How does the eco-tax affect your holidays in Mallorca?

How much it costs depends on factors such as the type of accommodation, seasonality and the number of days of the sojourn. Therefore, the longer the stay the lower the cost; or the higher the hotel rating the higher the price of the eco-tax.

Starting in 2018, there will be an increase in the eco-tax but which will only apply in high season, staying the same as before in low season. On a positive note, if you’re travelling with children you won’t pay any surcharge, since children below 16 are exempt from the tax.

From all of us at Pabisa Hotels, we invite you to have a look at our deals on accommodation in Mallorca to save money on “Your smart holidays”.

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