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What’s the weather like in Mallorca?

The answer to this question is simple: almost always good, as Mallorca has a pleasant climate all year round. It has more than 300 sunny days each year – a pretty convincing argument for booking your next holiday on the island.

The weather in Mallorca: a sunny, subtropical paradise in the Mediterranean

Mallorca is a very special island, even when talking about the weather. It’s warm, subtropical climate with an average of 7.9 hours of sun each day, explains why life in Mallorca can usually be enjoyed outside. On the largest of the spanish Islands, the sun seems to be here to stay, whilst the rain only appears every once in a while. If you have a showery start to the day while on holiday, don’t worry; it’s very likely that you’ll be sat out in the sun again that same evening. You can find up-to-date weather forecasts for Mallorca online, with forecasts for the next 7 days in Playa de Palma, or in Palma de Mallorca.

Sunny weather in Playa de Palma

If you want to know if the sun is out right now at your holiday destination, you should use the exact location when searching via Google: it’s better to search “weather in Playa de Palma” as opposed to “Weather in Mallorca”. The island’s variable weather can sometimes be surprising. So, it’s perfectly normal for Playa de Palma to be bathed in sunshine and high temperatures, while it’s raining in the mountains.

Summer weather in Mallorca

Mallorca has weather to suit all tastes. During the summer months of July and August, it’s very hot during the day and you can enjoy a perfect beach holiday with temperatures that regularly surpass 30˚C. On the hottest days, it can also reach a maximum of 40˚C. The temperature at night is not to be sniffed at either; you’ll be fine with just a small suitcase as you’ll only need lightweight clothing during summer. The rain however, is an exception.

Winter weather in Mallorca

First, the good news: winters in Mallorca are short and mild. They do tend to be quite humid, but it only goes below zero in the mountains. From August onwards it can be a bit stormy, but even in October (the wettest month), Playa de Palma offers its visitors plenty of time to enjoy their holiday while staying at our Pabisa hotels in Mallorca that are at your disposal during your stay. Mallorca’s warm climate means you’ll even be comfortable in December and January, with reasonably mild weather.

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