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Winter activities in Mallorca: cycling and going on a hike

Winter activities in Mallorca: cycling and going on a hike

Pabisa Hotels, located near to the capital city of the Balearic Islands and also close to the international airport Son Sant Joan, offers an idyllic location to enjoy a big amount of outdoor activities. 

At Pabisa Hotels we are very fond of enjoying nature and the infinite possibilities this island has to offer and this is why we have selected the following activities to discover the most authentic Mallorca through its landscape.

Outdoor activities in Mallorca in Winter 

Going for a hike in Mallorca

Pabisa Hotels is the perfect starting point for many walks and excursions. We are surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape where you will be able to enjoy walking routes suitable for all ages and capacities.

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All over Mallorca you will find different hiking routes whether its by the sea or through the mountains, allowing everyone to enjoy this lovely outdoor activity. 

Cycling in Mallorca 

Another of the recommended activities during your stay in Pabisa Hotels is practicing cycling. Mallorca is known for being a Mediterranean paradise for cyclists. With an extraordinary variety of roads and highways with little traffic and a big amount of biking trails, Mallorca presents itself as an ideal scenario to practice this popular sport.

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At Pabisa Hotels we have a special parking space for bicycles as part of the exclusive cycling service we’ve got a Pabisa Bikes, the go-to-company for cycling holidays in Mallorca. 

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