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Autumn, the perfect season for holidays and sports

Autumn in Mallorca gives you the ideal conditions for doing outdoor activities. If you travel to the island you’ll be able to enjoy the sun, beautiful beaches and an active holiday doing your favourite sport.

The climate: lots of sun and little rain

If you’re already missing summer and you want to keep enjoying sunny days then Mallorca is your ideal destination. Come and let yourself be seduced by the basic characteristics of the Mallorcan climate: gorgeous blue sky almost every day, longer and sunnier days and the always pleasant temperature of the Mediterranean sea.

The best training

A lot of cyclists’ secret to keeping in shape during the year’s colder months is to train in Mallorca, where you can train under the best conditions imaginable.

In autumn, both professionals as well as amateurs get together to train in the cycling paradise of Mallorca. Cyclists such as Alexander Kamp from Team Velo Concept, feel that Mallorca offers all possible terrain types for training. …and has all of them very close at hand!

If you choose Mallorca in autumn and winter for training, instead of pedalling on cold and wet highways in northern Europe you’ll be able to do so in a perfect climate with a landscape that becomes increasingly greener as the season progresses.

Early in the morning the temperature is cooler and as the day progresses the sun becomes more intense, but without hitting the high temperatures of summer.

Active holidays in Mallorca

The mountains are particularly tempting in autumn and offer incredible bike routes. However, it isn’t only the perfect place for cyclists. The Tramuntana, for example, is a genuine paradise for hiking, where you’ll find coastal trails with a wonderful view of the sea.

Attractive offers

Playa de Palma beach is the perfect starting point for many activities such as golf, running, inline skating… and of crourse, cycling. If you’re looking for a hotel for cyclists on the island, Pabisa hotels specialise in this, and you should also know that in the autumn and winter months, Playa de Palma is more peaceful than in summer. However, don’t you worry, compared to other parts of the island, Playa de Palma doesn’t fall into a winter slumber.

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