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The new CSR at Pabisa Hotels

The new CSR at Pabisa Hotels

Corporate Social Responsibility has been part of the DNA of Pabisa Hotels since it was founded. Nevertheless, in 2018 the company has established a new formal policy with a view to developing further actions in this area in the future. Responsibility for this lies directly with the Management Committee, which includes the Director General, the Manager and the Operations Manager, with the General Secretary being in charge of coordinating these actions.

The owners of the company and the General Manager are fully involved in the CSR strategy at Pabisa Hotels, with this being planned, executed and reviewed with their full cooperation and supervision. A budget is fixed every year with the amount designated dependent upon the actions planned.

The Corporate Social Responsibility at Pabisa Hotels is primarily concerned with the following groups; clients of the hotels, the employees of the company, Majorcan society and the natural environments in which the hotels are located. For each group there are defined objectives:

CLIENTS: To provide guests staying at any of the Pabisa hotels with the best possible experience and to listen to their concerns so that we can target these with the benefits of corporate social responsibility.

EMPLOYEES: To create a good working environment where the professional development and progress of employees is positively encouraged in conditions of equality and security. Essentially, to make Pabisa Hotels a great place to work. We also encourage all our employees to be actively involved in the various CSR projects.

SOCIETY: To provide resources for collaboration with public/private entities who improve safety and quality in Playa de Palma, to co-finance projects which improve health and welfare, to support entities that promote the eradication of poverty and social exclusion, as well as those who work towards social and workplace integration for people with mental health issues or those suffering from social exclusion. Working to combat the seasonal nature of tourism on the island is also a priority for Pabisa Hotels.

ENVIRONMENT: To minimise the impact our activities have on the environment and the region, reducing the amount of waste and emissions generated, using alternative energy sources, optimising the use of resources and promoting recycling culture amongst the workforce and our clients.

In tune with the objectives laid out, the Corporate Social Responsibility actions carried out by Pabisa Hotels have benefitted several charitable organisations in Majorca, amongst which we would highlight the Sant Joan de Déu Foundation, the Sant Joan de Déu hospital in Majorca, Cáritas Majorca, Es Refugi and the Balearic Food Bank. On another level, within the tourism sector, the company is a member of organisations such as the Palma Tourism 365 Foundation, the Playa de Palma Hotel Association, the Hotel Chain Association and the Business Federation of Hoteliers in Majorca.

With regards to definitive projects launched under the new CSR policy at Pabisa Hotels, we can include the following:

  • Collaboration agreement with IBETEC (Telecommunications and Innovation Business Entity of the Balearic Islands) to install a telecommunications antenna at the hotel Bali in order to facilitate communication between the emergency and public security services in Playa de Palma.
  • Clothing and food collections on behalf of Cáritas Mallorca with contributions from the employees of Pabisa Hotels.
  • Financing the new children’s park at the fostering centre Es Convent, part of the Sant Joan de Déu Foundation.
  • Cofinancing the first human exoskeleton for the Balearic Islands, obtained for the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Majorca.
  • Food collection in the summer and collaboration with the Es Refugi Christmas market.
  • Agreement with Intress to promote integration into the workplace for people with disabilities.
  • Installation of geothermal systems at the Pabisa Sofía hotel and at the new establishments under construction.
  • Elimination of single use plastic at the Pabisa Bali hotel.
  • Travelife Gold environmental certificate for the four hotels in the chain.

Corporate Social Responsibility requires long term commitment, something that Pabisa Hotels is prepared to undertake. During this journey, we are constantly monitoring how our internal and external activities impact on the groups we have highlighted.

On an internal level, we are regularly checking the welfare of our employees with questionnaires about the working environment which, in the latest edition, revealed that 84% of the workforce are satisfied. The percentage of clients who have stayed at one of the Pabisa hotels and have expressed satisfaction is currently 90%. These are both figures that encourage us to continue in our quest to improve every day, to be a better company for our professionals, for our guests, for environmental sustainability and for the whole of the society that embraces us.

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