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Family holidays in Playa de Palma

Are you looking for a hotel so you can spend your family holidays in Mallorca? What about in one of the main leisure and entertainment areas, such as Playa de Palma? Look at what Pabisa Hotels can do for your family!

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Plans for spending the best of holidays in Mallorca

Are you ready to spend your best holiday ever in Mallorca? Apart from staying at one of Playa de Palma’s most modern hotels, at our accommodation in Mallorca we invite you to discover some of our island’s most special and exciting hotspots. We bring you the excursions in Mallorca that Pabisa Hotels has arranged for you. Enjoy!

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David Guetta in Mallorca: the summer concert will be on 2nd August

World-famous DJ and music producer David Guetta is going to give a concert in Mallorca on 2nd August. It’s the most looked-forward-to concert of the summer, and probably of the whole year, in Mallorca. We reckon that the French DJ’s going to stage one of his musical macro-shows that will have us rocking right from when the doors open at 8.00 PM.

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Germany – USA: watch the decider with Pabisa Hotels

Germany’s progression into the round of 16 of the World Cup in Brazil hangs on the outcome of a decider against the United States. The national team’s survival in this World Championship is at stake this afternoon in Recife, and we’ll be watching it live on the biggest giant screens at Playa de Palma. Come along and cheer on the national team with Pabisa Hotels!

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A concert on the sand to welcome in the summer at Playa de Palma

Next Monday, 23rd June, Europa FM Radio in Mallorca is giving us a rendezvous on Playa de Palma, to be precise between “Balnearios” (Beach Bars) 13 and 14– which you can get to on foot from our Pabisa beach hotels, located at Balneario 6–, to welcome in the summer with one of the most looked-forward-to concerts in Mallorca and on the sands of Playa de Palma. How about it?

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The magic of Nit de Sant Joan (Midsummer’s Night) comes to Playa de Palma

Imagine for a moment that it’s 8 p.m. on 23rd June, that you step out onto the terrace of your hotel or apartment on Playa de Palma, and you see the sun’s fire slowly extinguishing itself on the horizon. That the sun’s last rays also come horizontally through the window and light up the room; and you can feel the refreshing night breeze that starts up at sunset on a summer’s day.

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A perfect day at Playa de Palma

You’ve chosen to holiday in Mallorca and you’re staying at a hotel on Playa de Palma. Since we know that you come on holiday to get away from it all, take your watch off and have a good time, we’re suggesting to you a perfect plan for enjoying an unforgettable day during your holiday at Playa de Palma.

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