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Typical Majorcan pastries

Typical Majorcan pastries

Have you ever heard of the Mediterranean diet? It is famous all over the world due to its wonderful way of nurturing and its amazing flavors. But we must be honest and tell you that there’s so much more to the ‘Mediterranean diet’ as you may know. And when it comes down to Mallorca, this island has a gastronomic tradition as old as the island itself.

One of the things we love about Mallorca and its people, is that we’re all about tradition and history. All of us together have been able to go on with a culinary tradition over the years. There are very old Majorcan recipes that are an active part of our daily routine until this day.

But today we would like to talk directly to everyone who’s a sweet tooth just like us and let you know everything about our favorite Majorcan pastries.

Typical Majorcan pastries

Majorcan pastries: ensaimadas, robiols and cocas

The island’s tradition and history carries a never-ending number of delicious sweet recipes with it. We could talk about many pastries, but we would like to name three, our favorite Majorcan pastries.


We could say ensaimadas is the ultimate Majorcan sweet delight. It dates back to the 17th century and is one of the most famous Majorcan products around the world. Its ingredients form a spongy and fluffy sweet mass which then gets baked.

typical majorcan pastries ensaimada hoteles pabisa playa de palma mallorca

Foto: hornosantocristo.com

Traditionally you will find two types of Majorcan ensaimada: the traditional plain ensaimada (with no filling) and the pumpkin strands in syrup ensaimada. But after becoming such a popular product on the island, you will also find ensaimadas filled with chocolate and cream, among many other fillings. Just delicious!


Another one of the traditional and well-known Majorcan pastry products are ‘robiols’. Even though these are typically to be found during Easter on the island, they are also to be found all-year around at any traditional Majorcan bakery shop.

typical majorcan pastries robiols hoteles pabisa playa de palma mallorca

Foto: mittoskitchen.com

‘Robiols’ are made out of a crunchy and sweet dough and you will find ‘robiols’ filled with pumpkin strands in syrup, all kind of jams, quince and cottage cheese.

‘Apricot Cocas’

Last, but not least, another one of the Majorcan pastries we would like to recommend you is the ‘coca d’albercoc’ (apricot coca), which is another one of the traditional Majorcan pastries there are. You will run into sweet and savory cocas.

typical majorcan pastries coca albaricoque hoteles pabisa playa de palma mallorca

Foto: cuchillitoitenedor.com

But this one is a sweet and very spongy pastry made out of flour, potato, sugar, sebum and yeast and on top they put fresh apricots, cinnamon and some sugar to add a special flavor and give this pastry a lovely look.

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