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Winter in Mallorca

F best area to stay palma mallorca pabisa hotels

Best area to stay in Mallorca in winter

If you’re planning a special winter getaway you should know two things. The first is that Mallorca is an all-year round destination that you will fall in love with. And the second is that we’ll recommend you the best area to stay.

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EN F almond trees blossom almond blossom Pabisa Hotels Playa de Palma Mallorca

Almond blossom in Mallorca

There’s nothing quite like enjoying this sunny island in winter. And if you thought Mallorca couldn’t get any more beautiful, you were wrong! Thanks to the premature flowering of almond trees, the island serves inspiring beauty during the winter season!

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EN F Pabisa Hotels Mallorca Spring Blossom

Almond Blossom in Mallorca

We are completely in love with Mallorca. And this time of the year is especially magical, as it brings a natural phenomenon which is worth watching: the almond blossom.

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EN F Pabisa Hotels Christmas in Mallorca

Christmas traditions in Mallorca

Every country has its own history, culture and, of course, traditions and Spain and specifically Mallorca aren’t the exception. This is why we would like to share with all of you what we do and which traditions we follow this time of the year on the island.

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